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MADNESS IN MARBELLA Gang of ‘French Muslims’ beat up British women holidaymakers at a popular Spanish tourist resort breaking their noses and leaving them semi-conscious
Violence broke out after men tried to 'touch up' teenage girl
BY GERARD COUZENS AND KATHRYN CAIN 25th August 2016, 7:08 pm

A GANG of French Muslims have been accused of assaulting a group of British women holidaymakers at a popular Spanish tourist resort.
One of the women, a 19-year-old from Farnborough in Hampshire, suffered a broken nose after being punched in the face.
Marbella gang attack SOLARPIX

Two British women were attacked by a “French gang” in a resort near Marbella
A second woman, a 20-year-old from Essex, was taken to hospital semi-conscious with arm and head injuries.

Witnesses described how the men began to attack the young women in the upmarket resort of Puerto Banus near Marbella after one tried to touch up the teenager who suffered the broken nose.

He was arrested for assault and three friends taken with him to a nearby police station so they could be identified as part of an ongoing investigation.

Police are thought to be trying to identify other men involved in the incident who are said to have fled as officers arrived.

The incident happened just before 6am on Tuesday morning in a road running behind Puerto Banus named Julio Iglesias Avenue after the veteran crooner.

Police intervened after spotting what they initially described as a brawl between around 15 people.

Once they separated the two groups, they saw one of the injured women was losing blood from her nose and another was lying semi-conscious on the ground.

A friend of the injured pair told officers one of the men punched the British teenager in the face after a verbal row turned violent.

They are understood to have travelled to the area from Seville two hours’ drive away from where they were on holiday.

The two British women were taken to a nearby health centre before being taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital for treatment.

They later made a formal complaint to police.

Today a witness took to social media to claim the men had kicked and punched the women as if they were fighting a gang of men.

According to witnesses the men were French Muslims – although this has not been confirmed by the authorities.

The witness said: “The group gave the English girls a real bashing.

“One of them wanted to speak to one of the women and the woman wasn’t interested and told him to leave her alone.

“The son of a bitch began touching her up and putting his hands everywhere you could think of and her friends rushed over to defend her when they saw what was happening.

“The idiot who started it all then punched the girl in the face and left her on the floor for three minutes with her face smashed in and her nose broken.

Marbella gang attack SOLARPIX

One of the women had her nose broken during the attack
“After that it all kicked off and the men and their friends who must have been between 10 and half a dozen blokes began to hit and kick the women as if they were fighting with men.

“They were doing everything, even kick boxing. The women were getting a real kicking and then a British man who was nearby stepped in and put one of the men on the ground.

“The French Muslims were starting to gang up on him when the police arrived. Some of the lads legged it and I think most got away.

“They took three or four men away after asking for back-up. I hope they told police where their mates were but I doubt it.”

Local police are understood to be preparing a report for national police who will now take over the investigation under the co-ordination of an investigating judge.

The British women could not be contacted today for comment.


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